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Other Critters At Hedgehog Valley...

While I must admit that hedgehogs are my #1 passion, we're just passionate about critters in general! In addition to the hedgies, we also share our home with sugar gliders, poison dart frogs (current species are dendrobates auratus and epidobates tricolor, and some mantellas), bushy tailed jirds, four tenrec (setifer setosus), a white's tree frog, 10 leopard geckos, and two dogs (a fiest/rat terrier and a dachsund). If you have questions about any of these species, feel free to ask! We've also had experience with quite a few other species of small animal (both warm blooded and cold blooded) and with wildlife care, so you can always feel free to ask any critter questions. After all, if we don't know the answer, we probably know someone who does.

Dendrobates Auratus

Epidobates Tricolor

Sugar Gliders

Tenrec (Setifer Setosus)

Bushy Tailed Jirds

Leopard Geckos

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