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Hedgehog Health and Veterinary Care Issues

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Finding a Vet
Hints to help you find a good one!

When to Take Your Hedgehog to the Vet
Tips to help you decide when it really is critical.

Hedgehog Obesity
Hints on how to help your pet stay healthy

The Danger of Phenols
An important issue to consider when choosing bedding for your pet.

Choline Supplementation for Hedgehogs

Chromium Supplementation for Hedgehogs

Ear Drainage Problems in Hedgehogs

Other peoples' pages that we recommend

Laura Roberts' Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome page

Shonda Statini's Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome page

Hedgehog Nutrition
An outline of the presentation Dr. Graffam of the Bronx Zoo gave at Go Hog Wild 1998, summarizing her research on hedgehog nutrition


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