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Hedgehog Valley- Quality African Pygmy Hedgehogs =)

Second Annual Iola Hedgehog Fest

Sponsoring the Show

We are still looking for sponsors to help with the following items:

Color divisions prizes: 1 sponsors for $10
Best of category prizes: 2 sponsors for $20 each,
or donation of prizes
Best of Show/Reserve best of show: 2 sponsors for $40 each,
or donation of prizes.
Site sponsor: 2 sponsors for $20 each
Refreshments for the show: 4 sponsors for $10 each
Judge's gas expenses: 4 sponsors for $20 each
Program: 1 sponsors for $10

All sponsors will be listed on this page and in the show program

Current sponsors:

Darcie carter: Refreshments
Dawn Wrobel of Ain't No Creek Ranch: Junior and Senior Males Classes
Nicole Gendler: Prize donation
Laura Tong of Pogstar Hedgehogs: Donated paper for programs
Sherry Arata of Pins and Needles Hedgehogs: Prize Donation
Penelope & Allan McQuarrie: Prize donation

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