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Silverbelle was born here at Hedgehog Valley on 9/23/96 and was one of the babies in our first successful litter. She is a lovely little chocolate lady and was the runt of the litter. Her nickname is Sillybelle and her IHR registry number is #42. Her mother is Holly, who was purchased at a pet store in Olive Branch, MS and was pregnant when purchased. Sillybelle is a bit of an explorer and has a very laid back personality. Her first litter consisted of one stillborn baby and she was very despondent after that. I knew she was getting back to being her old self when I was laying down reading and she was snuggled near me on the bed and then decided to go exploring for the first time in a couple of weeks. She climbed up my ankle, scurried up my leg and over my body to slide down my shoulder, then ran back to my ankle, climbed up and did it over and over again several times! She was her old chipper self after that, and has since been a great mom to several successful litters.

Silverbelle has snuffled at guests.