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Hedgehog Valley- Quality African Pygmy Hedgehogs

Hedgehog Show and Color Articles

Our Articles


How To Put On A Hedgehog Show

Tips for putting on a show without losing your shirt

Denver, September '01!

Pictures from the Denver '01 Hedgehog Show

What happens at a hedgehog show?

Pictures from the Iola '01 Hedgehog Fest

Small Animal Care Fair '01

Another place to show off hedgies


Predicting Baby Color From Adult Color

It isn't always as easy as you'd think...

Examples of Hedgie Colors

Pictures to help you out

Our Herd

Pictures of our hedgies- they are labeled by color to help you

Other great sources of information

The Hedgehog Hobby Site

Lots of information about shows AND colors!

International Hedgehog Club

The official Hedgehog show site.

The Virtual Hedgehog Show

Can't travel? Try the virtual hedgehog show!

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