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Our Policies:

We think that purchasing a pet is a decision that should not be 
undertaken lightly, and thus do not offer refunds. Should the 
purchaser find within 2 weeks of the purchase date that the 
individual hedgehog is not acceptable for any reason, we will 
exchange for a comparable animal, as soon as one is available. 
This exchange does not include the price of shipping, should 
that be necessary. If at any time you are no longer able to 
care for your hedgehog, for whatever reason, we will accept 
that animal back and will care for it or find another suitable 
home for it but cannot offer any financial compensation for 
this service. 

We guarantee that we are selling a hedgehog that is, to our 
knowledge, in good health. All baby hedgehogs are guaranteed 
to be free from congenital problems until age 6 months. Should 
something happen to the hedgehog before the age of six months, 
we will replace the animal at no charge if given a necropsy 
report from a licensed veterinarian stating that the nature of 
the problem as something that the animal had already developed 
or was predisposed to develop while here. This does not include 
accident, negligence, or any treatable or communicable illness, 
and does not include the price of shipping the replacement 
animal, should that be necessary. Hedgehogs over 6 months of age 
do not carry a health guarantee, but may be returned within 1 
week from the date of sale for a full refund or trade for a 
comparable animal if a veterinarian finds that the animal has 
any unknown health problem that was likely to have originated 
prior to purchase.

If you would like to talk to other people who have obtained 
hedgehogs from us and/or who have visited our facility, please 
feel free to write a letter to the hedgehog mailing list 
( asking for people to contact you 
privately with their opinion, as there are many folks on the 
list who have Hedgehog Valley hedgehogs. We can also provide 
you with email addresses/websites of some happy Hedgehog Valley 
hedgehog owners if you would like.

We can accept payment in the form of cash, money orders, or 
cashier's checks. Please do not mail cash. We DO NOT TAKE 
PERSONAL CHECKS due to the alarming frequency with which people 
have bounced them on us in the past. We are now able to accept 
credit card payment via paypal (

We often have a waiting list for hedgies, particularly females 
and fancy colors. If you are interested in a particular 
color/gender of hedgie, email to let us know and I will put you 
on the list to receive notice when it looks like we have a baby 
that fits the description of what you want. Babies listed on the
website are first come, first serve. 
I typically check litters for gender and make a preliminary 
guess at color at between 2 and 3 weeks. If you decide that 
you would like us to hold a particular baby, let us know and 
we will hold it for up to two weeks with no deposit. If you 
would like us to hold it longer than 2 weeks, a $20 nonrefundable
deposit must be received. 
Babies are typically weaned and ready to ship when they are 
between 6 and 8 weeks old. Your deposit will hold a baby to 
weaning age. If you would like to hold it for longer than that, 
you must pay for it in full by the time it is 8 weeks old, or 
prior to an agreed upon date if it is past 8 weeks of age. 
Contact us if you need to make special arrangements. Once 
payments are received, they are nonrefundable so please do 
not ask us to reserve a hedgie for you unless you are certain 
that it is what you want. 

We can only ship when the weather permits. That means that it must be between
45 and 85 degrees farenheit at departure, arrival, and any stopovers. This
generally limits us to February through April and September through November.
We live approximately 2-1/2 hours from the nearest airport and are only
able to ship on Saturdays or Sundays. Due to the time and expense involved
in getting to the airport, we typically ship once every two to three weeks
during the months that we are able to ship. 

We will make ourselves available to answer any questions that 
we can! We want you and your hedgehog to be happy. Don't hesitate 
to call or E-mail if you have any questions about your hedgehog!

We reserve the right to refuse service for any reason we deem sufficient.
We also reserve the right to cancel any transaction at any time, if we 
feel the reason is sufficient. If we cancel a transaction, we will refund 
any monies received minus the $20 nonrefundable deposit and any monies spent 
on the customer's behalf. 

All information on this web site is copyright of Hedgehog Valley. You may view/print the web pages for your personal use. You may also provide a link to these pages without prior approval. No one is allowed to re-post the information from Hedgehog Valley Web Site, including pictures, to any other web site, without the approval of Hedgehog Valley. Copyright 1999/2000

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