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Hedgehog Valley- if the graphic worked, you'd see a cute hedgehog =)
Home Made Hedgehogabilia From Hedgehog Valley

We at Hedgehog Valley have several hedgehog related items that
we have been making and enjoying, that we would like to offer 
you! Below is a list of links to pages with pictures, 
descriptions, and prices of each item. All items are made at or 
specifically for Hedgehog Valley, and all prices include 
shipping. To order, send a check or money order, and a list of 
items, to: 

Antigone Means
1024 N. Cottonwood
Iola, KS 66749

We will do our best to have all orders sent out within 5 
working days of receiving them. Please include your email 
address in case we have any questions about your order, 
or there are any unexpected delays. If you have any 
questions about any of our items, please feel free to email! 

Items Available:

Sleeping bags for your hedgehog
Hedgie Photo Badges
Beautiful 2-1/4" hedgehog photo buttons!

note: Our hedgebags are the original hedgebag design, with the same fine construction we've used since we came up with the idea in 1995! Pretty much all our babies are born in hedgebags, and our hedgekids just love them! =) We are told that our hedgebags are the largest available on the market (roughly 11x11) and are fully lined with no rough edges. For more information about hedgebags, click here.

Hedgehog Valley

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