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The hedgebag was innovated at Hedgehog Valley in 1995, under the direction of Nanny Ogg, Hedgehog Valley's first pog. Nanny was, at first, a free ranging hedgehog and loved to hide in the laundry pile. We figured this was her way of telling us she wanted something soft and cloth to snuggle in, thus the hedgebag was born. The hedgebag is a sort of "sleeping bag" for hedgehogs, and we make them out of tightly woven cotton or cotton blend fabrics. Flannel and polar fleece are not used, since we have found that bedding materials stick to these fabrics really badly, creating quite a mess. Hedgebags have all finished edges so that there are no loose strings to wrap around little hedgefeet. They are fully machine washable. Many of our females prefer to birth their litters in hedgebags, rather than nest boxes (while others prefer to pull the bags into their boxes). About 2/3 of our hedgies sleep in the bags, while the other 1/3 prefer to sleep under them. Regardless, they all seem to love these. The cotton breathes enough to be cool in the summer, but helps hold in body heat and keep the hedgie warm in the winter. We think these are great and we bet your hedgie will, too! When ordering, be sure to include a note letting us know whether your hedgie is male or female, and what your 3 favorite colors are so we can be sure to pick a bag that we think you and your hedgie will both like best! $5.50 each.

The name "hedgebag" and the design for hedgebags that we use are the intellectual property of Antigone M. Means and may not be reproduced for profit without the express permission of the originator.