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Hedgehogs from Hedgehog Valley

Babies Available Now Or Soon
See what babies we have available, and what we'll have ready soon!

HHValley Retirees
We retire our females early, and occasionally have them available for adoption.

Other USDA licensed hedgehog breeders that we recommend

Massena's Menagerie
Located in Auburn, WA. Wide variety of colors, and nearly a decade of experience!
Full catalog of hedgehog collectibles and supplies.

Pogstar Hedgehogs
Located in Wichita, KS. Small scale, high quality!

High Country Hedgies
Located in Colorado Springs, CO. Wide variety of colors and a full catalog
of hedgehog supplies and collectibles!

Goat Creek Ranch
Located in Keremeos, BC. High quality and nearly a decade of experience!

Alaska Hedgehogs
Located in Anchorage, AK. Yes, there are hedgehogs in Alaska!

Daisy Meadow Hedgehogs
Located in Stockton, MO. Small scale, also have hedgehog calendars and supplies.

The Happy Hedgehog
Quality hedgies in Austin, TX

Milwaukee SuperPogs
Located in Milwaukee and Sheboygan, WI. High quality hedgies and hedgie supplies!

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