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Everything I Need To Know In Life, I Learned From A Hedgehog

Today I was taking pictures of one of my elderly hedgehogs (Puck, who is a bit past 4-1/2) and my daughter (Persephone, age 2), and it made me start thinking of just how much I have learned from my prickly buddies, and all that they have to teach my human children. For example, I am constantly amazed at the range of emotions that hedgehogs can express. They donít beat around the bush; they tell you directly if you upset or scare them (fuff fuff fuff!!!), and they let you know when they are comfortable with your behavior by relaxing their quills and trusting you. They teach you to slow down and take life at a calm pace and have confidence in yourself, because it makes them calm to be around a calm, confident person. I swear hedgies have radar for people who are anxious about holding them, and they also learn who will call their bluff. Hedgies eat what bugs them, and while human beings canít necessarily do that, it sure makes a great slogan! Hedgies teach responsibility, because you have to clean their cages, meet their special dietary needs, keep them warm enough, and give them lots of love. They teach you what it is like to be different, because they sure arenít the standard pet in most households! They teach you that there are creative solutions to every problem (like how to escape the cage to get in with that hottie in the next one...). The lessons are endless, if we just take the time to learn. =)

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Puck crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on March 11, 2001. He would have been 5 in June. This page stands in loving memory of his contribution to our family.

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