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Hedgehog Valley- Quality African Pygmy Hedgehogs

Grub's Page

Grub is a greater Madagascar hedgehog tenrec (scientific name setifer setosus). She came to live with us at the end of April, 2001 and is about a year or so old. She got her name because she is the most outgoing of our four tenrec and is always the first to the food dish! Grub was the first tenrec that we ever saw self-annoint. While they have this behavior in common with hedgehogs, they do it a little differently. Grub decided she wanted to annoint on Lance's arm, and she licked and licked and licked. Then she spread the saliva on her hands and wiped it behind her ears and over her haunches. She repeated this several times before she stopped and then cuddled up in Lance's hands and fell asleep!

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Antigone Means
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