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Sugar Gliders

Sugar Gliders are small marsupials from Australia and thereabouts. We got our first glider, Louie (short for Lucu Adik, which we're told means adored sibling in Indonesion) from a friend in 1998. He was only about two weeks out of the pouch, and had been pulled early because his parents had killed his pouchmate and had injured him. We hand fed him and Louie grew into a big strong boy!

Louie was the only glider at our house until a friend called me up one day in January, 2001 and said, "Gee, do you know anyone who wants some gliders?" A breeder in Texas had a family tragedy and was no longer able to care for hers. We volunteered to take a group, and in March, 2001 6 new gliders joined our family. There was a mama with a male joey, we named them Mimi and Oey. The other group included 3 males and a female. The female is quite small and we named her Sue, for our friend who brought them to us. There is a large male we call Cal (short for Calabazo). The other two males still don't have names as they are rather shy and haven't come out for us much yet.

While we have learned a lot about gliders, we don't consider ourselves the experts. There are already some great websites out there for gliders, so I figured it's better to steer you to the good ones, rather than reinventing the wheel. I recommend:

Bourbon's Sugar Glider Info

Christie's Critters

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