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Flash and Thelma Memorial Hedgehog Rescue

Benefit Raffle

What is Flash and Thelma?

A USDA licensed, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the welfare of hedgehogs in need. To learn more about the Flash and Thelma Memorial Rescue (FTMR) at their website: Click here!

What are the funds for?

FTMR uses the funds that they receive to help pay for veterinary care and housing expenses for all hedgehogs in the rescue. As funds are available, they also help hedgehog owners who are financially strapped to meet veterinary expenses so that they can remain in their homes, healthy. They also assist with funding hedgehog related research and education. In recent months, FTMR has had a number of very high veterinary bills and we are hoping this raffle will help offset the expense. 

   How much are tickets?

Raffle tickets cost $2 each. You can send payment by Paypal to or you can order by mail. Checks can be made out to Flash and Thelma Memorial Hedgehog Rescue and mail to Becca Loane at  16657 S. 151 Road, Stockton Lake, MO, 65785. Be sure to include your name, address, and email address with all ticket orders.

100% of the fund will go to FTMR. Items for the raffle and shipping of those items have been donated by:

Daisy Meadows Hedgehogs


Hedgehog Valley


What are the terms of the raffle?

The raffle will continue until 200 tickets are sold. At that time, 10 winners will be selected, so the chances of winning are 1 in 20! That's pretty good odds and for a great cause! Need not be present to win, prizes will be mailed.

What do I win?

The prizes offered are as follows:

1. Hedgehog Figurines, set of 3
2. Claypog, made by Penny McQuarrie
3. Water bottle, food dish & hedgebag set
4. Hedgehog Bookmark set
5. Hedgehog calendar
6. Hedgehog button set
7. Note cards
8. Hedgehog figurines set of 4
9. Hedgehog flower pot
10. Garden hedgehogs (2)

Thank you for your generous support!

Email if you have any questions!


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