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Hedgehog Valley- Quality African Pygmy Hedgehogs =)

Small Animal Care Fair

Hedgehog Valley and Daisy Meadows Hedgehogs went to the Small Animal Care Fair at Wayside Waifs Animal Shelter on March 31st, 2001! It was a small but well attended event, and we got to show the hedgehogs off to lots of intelligent, interested people! Events like this are a great opportunity to teach people about hedgehogs!

In the photo above, Tig Means (left) and Becca Loane (right) show off the hedgies! We had posters that told people about hedgehog care, handouts on hedgehog care, and examples of hedgehog supplies- food, hedgebags, treats, etc...! Tim Loane is in the back, right.

Two and a half year old Persephone is fascinated with the BIG rabbits that were across the room from us. One of them is a Flemish Giant, not sure on the other.

Above is the token bad picture, when we first arrived... Zury is in the stroller, Tig bending over, Tim seated, and half of Becca on the right!

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Antigone Means
Iola, KS

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