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Hedgehog Valley- Quality African Pygmy Hedgehogs =)

Hedgehog Breeding and Development

Our Pages

So, you want to breed hedgehogs?
Some important considerations, and information.

Hand Feeding Baby Hedgehogs
This page includes helpful hints for those who find it necessary to hand feed babies

Newborn Hedgehogs
See pictures of brand new baby hedgehogs!

Runt hedgehogs?
Learn more!

Stages of hoglet development
See how they grow!

How big should a baby be?
Includes pictures of the biggest little baby we've ever seen!

USDA Licensure
An article about how to get USDA licensed (which is required to sell hedgies in the US).

Other peoples' pages that we recommend

Hedgehog Ultrasounds
Tips on prenatal care from Milwaukee Superpogs


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