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Hedgehog Valley- Quality African Pygmy Hedgehogs =)

Five Toys for Hedgehogs

Many people are very surprised to find out that hedgehogs are curious creatures who often enjoy toys! Here are five suggestions that our herd give their paws of approval:

1. Toilet paper tubes:

Hedgies like to wear them on their head and play “tank.” Some hedgies love them so much that they even learn to eat and to drink from a water bottle with the tube on their head! Caution should be noted, however. Smaller hedgies can get stuck in the tubes, and they can break forequills or develop a flattened area of forequills (kind of like humans with “hat head”).

2. Boxes:

I was surprised to find that mine really like boxes that are short and wide. Cereal boxes, or boxes for things like rice-a-roni are big hits! Kleenex boxes are a favorite, too. Be sure to remove any plastic packaging.

3. Plastic Easter eggs:

We put the hedgie’s favorite treat inside. They can actually get them open to get the treat! Amazing!

4. Plastic dump trucks:

Hedgies like to push these and climb on them. They can learn to dump the bed to get to the treats!

5. Cat balls with bells inside:

Many hedgies like to push these around. I had one grumpy rescue who, for the longest time, would never let me see him out of a ball. But, I could always hear him in his cage, playing with his ball, when I wasn’t looking. Just be sure it doesn’t have any sharp edges that a hedgie could cut its tongue on.


Hedgehog Valley

Iola, KS

This article was originally published in Animals Exotic and Small and may not be reproduced without permission. Copyright 2000/2001